Not for everyone

Figure out the money


Finding the funds to begin investing can be intimidating. Work with your mortgage broker, bank or ask us about Hard money loans to get you started on your RE investing journey.

Create a team


Not everyone is handy. Get to know and research  a wide range of professionals. We can provide recommendations upon request too.

Have a plan


You will need to have a general contractor manage the project or be available to manage it yourself. And if you manage it, keep track of when and what needs to be done.  

Rental or Sell


You will now need to decide if you want to keep the home as your residence, rent it or sell it. We can assist with calculating which scenario works out best for your end goal.

If you keep as a rental Do you hire a Property manager or self manage


If you decide to keep the home, do you want to collect rent, take care of repairs  and make sure you keep up with Landlord tenant rules? Or do you want to hire an outside source to take care of that for you?  

Want your own wake up money..

Invest in Real Estate. Do you:
Keep as a rental: generating income
Flip It: Find/Leverage/Improve/ PROFIT

 Nervous about starting your property adventure? Don’t be. We are investors ourselves. Let us help you by using our experiences to help you succeed. It’s what we love to do.