Steps to buying a home

Get your money in order

There is no need to start looking for a home, until you know the budget. We work with many mortgage brokers to insure we find one that makes you the best.

Where and When

Once the money portion is settled, we can work on finding the perfect home according to your specifications.  Then starts with a quick meeting and clear expectations.

Market analysis

Whether you are buying or selling, it is important to know what the home is worth and if the home is over priced. We do this with a market analysis  or a review of recently sold properties. 

Inspection and Appraisal

Although many people waive inspections, we feel they are very important and have found that they have saved some bad investments from happening.  We accompany you to all appraisal and inspections to help you understand what the pros are saying.

Follow up

 We have a great group of professional to assist you with updates or repairs that you find once you move in.

We love it when our clients call us for assistance once they have moved in.